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About Us

Founded in 2021, SheLove is a Melbourne-based pioneer in preserved flowers. Utilising cutting-edge Absorption Dyeing Techniques in our China-based facility, we offer a vibrant and lasting range of floral materials and designs, including dried flowers. Our extensive portfolio spans from individual retail pieces to wholesale collections, including wreaths, bouquets, and specialised gifts. We invite flower shops to explore partnership opportunities with us.

Our preserved flowers are designed for long-term preservation, exhibiting neither wilting nor fading. Every single one of our preserved flowers undergoes a specialized treatment process, ensuring the sustained freshness and blooming quality characteristic of freshly cut flowers. All the preserved flowers showcased on our website are genuine blooms, boasting a rich and naturally diverse floral morphology that far exceeds the realism of plastic or simulated counterparts. Upon purchasing our preserved flowers, they can endure for several years without withering or losing color, provided they are shielded from excessive handling, direct sunlight, or humidity.

Employing state-of-the-art dehydration and protective measures, our preserved flowers maintain a more natural appearance and coloration, extending their freshness for an even more extended period. Our distinctive processing methods not only enhance the vibrancy and beauty of the flowers but also contribute to their prolonged lifespan. Preserved flowers are further recognized for their sustainability and environmental friendliness, attributed to their reduced need for frequent replacements.

The intricate production process of preserved flowers involves the careful selection of fresh blooms at their peak beauty. Subsequent treatments, including dehydration, dewaxing, and immersion, remove moisture while preserving the natural shape and color of the flowers. This meticulous process ensures that the flowers maintain their appeal for several months or even longer, surpassing the longevity of ordinary fresh flowers.

Our high-quality preserved flowers have gained popularity for their extended lifespan and exquisite appearance. Today, they are widely embraced in the realms of decoration, gifting, and various artistic designs.